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Bringing Celtic Legends to Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons

I am working with a 10 member team on a 240+ page adaptation for Dungeons and Dragons.  Our book focuses on Celtic legends with three new classes, a clan-based character creation system, and the ability to make magical items out of the heads of your enemies.  The team has almost finished production of the book and recently brought me on to help with marketing.  We are well prepared to launch our kickstarter in July!

I am the community manager for the project.  I manage the organic and paid posts across facebook, twitter, instagram, reddit, tumblr, and google.  I have created content with 30+ influencers while finding the best ones that match our brand.   I also created the website we have used for gathering 1350+ emails.  We have 2400+ followers between our social media profiles.  My efforts resulted in our kickstarter bringing together 1,060 people to raise $41,655!



Wacky Text-Based Adventure

I am the producer and programmer for a silly text-based adventure where you are a recently raised skeleton going grocery shopping. Our 4 person team has been working on the project for four months.  Together we have the programming and art almost completed and are just working on writing.

I have done the production and programming for the project.  Through this project I am honing my UI programming in Unity.  I used C# for the programming and Sourcetree with git for source control.  As a producer I scouted and hired every member of the team.  I created our roadmap, cleared roadblocks, and set SMART goals.

We look forward to our release on September 30th!


Wizard School Tabletop RPG

I helped launch Magical School Mystery's table top RPG kickstarter in early August 2020.  I helped the game grow an audience across Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.  I also connected podcasters to our design team for promotion. We also worked with youtubers and bloggers to spread the word.  I also managed paid advertising on Google, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook.  I went beyond my contractual obligations by helping the team find their break even point and set kickstarter goals based on data analysis.

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The Dieselpunk Tabletop RPG

I worked with 5 friends on this dieselpunk tabletop RPG. I wrote the NPC and locations chapters of the book, ran playtests, built a community of over 1,000 members, managed the $7,400 budget, and ran over 20 team meetings.  Our kickstarter raised 148% funding.  I set realistic, achievable goals while still meeting deadlines to produce a quality product in a timely manner.  I jumped into the design team when they asked for help to speed up production.


Interested in learning more about my work or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project? Reach out today.

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