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Fantasy Shooter

For the two day May Day Game Jam, my team of four created this fantasy shooter game.  I wrote out the asset lists, created the schedule, and assisted with programming.  Using Unity and C#, I created the enemy spawners, some level design, and created clocks which give the player health.  Through communication, agile design, and careful planning we created a well polished game within two days.

Side Projects: Project

Night Sky Sailing

To practice my C# and Unity programming, I made this game with a friend.  We managed scope well to create a simple game in under 10 days.  I worked on the level design and several iterations of the movement for the game.  We created a short but compelling game which we accomplished through SMART goals.

Dream Boat.png
Side Projects: Project

MetroidVania Platformer

During the MetroidVania Month Game Jam, I programmed a simple platformer game with a team of seven.  My excellent teamwork and communication skills helped us keep our repository organized.  The game was made with Unity and C#.  I managed the source control for the team with over 100 commits using git, GitHub, and Sourcetree.  I programmed the player movement, helped with debugging, and worked on level design.

Side Projects: Project

Cooking Management Video Game

I worked with a 16 person team on this year-long project as a producer and designer.  While on the project, I created over 160 dialogue options, balanced gameplay, and managed the project timeline.  I worked with large game design documentation keeping it organized, communicating changes clearly, and working collaboratively with the team.  I practiced teamwork while building game mechanics with the other four game designers on the team.  During bug testing, I took the initiative to gather more playtesters than any other team member and found the second most bugs of anyone.

Side Projects: Project

Interested in learning more about my work or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project? Reach out today.

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